Requirements for Membership

  1. Only full body cars are eligible.

  2. The qualifying passes must be made with a turbo charged engine with Champion GN1 aluminum heads.

  3. Qualifying passes must be at a GSCA recognized event.

  4. Two official 1/4 mile runs at the same event. One pass must be at 8.999 or faster. The other pass if over 8.999 must be with in 1% of the 8.999 or faster time to qualify. If both times are 8.999 or faster, the 1% rule does not apply.

  5. The applicant must submit copies of the original time slips from the qualifying runs, along with the serial #s from the GN1 heads used.

  6. Champion Racing Heads will make the final determination of club membership after reviewing the applicants information.

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