New Specials, Coming Soon! September 23, 2003

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Champion Website Launch January 13, 2003

Welcome to the official launch of the Champion Racing Heads website! This site will be your direct source of information for Champion Racing Heads products. Over the years champion has become an important player in the Turbo Buick Community, with the development of products such as the GN1 Aluminum Head, CNC Ported Iron Head, Ported Intake Manifolds and wide range of other Buick related components. Champion also specializes in a range of other head products for various makes, such as Ford and Chevrolet and Mopar.

Please bare with us during the construction of our website. Champion will continually be updating the site, providing information on new products and existing products.

For general question regarding any of our products please e-mail and we will reply in a timely manner.

If you have any questions or technical difficultly accessing any part of the website please send e-mail to Please report all errors or any ideas that may help us further develop our web presence.

Thank you,
The Crew at Champion

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